The BCF Topwater Film Invitational is a world first film competition

Created for the viewing pleasure of fishing, outdoor and adventure lovers worldwide to get a glimpse of what some of Australia’s favourite content creators can produce in a challenging time period of 14 days to travel, fish, film and edit.

The 10x teams chosen this year are all advocates for our environment, marine life and waterways. In each of their films, they showcase The Great Barrier Reef in all its beauty and highlight issues that are important to them personally. Each of the team’s 20 minute films captures something different that is unique and personal to them. 

Watch all 10x films exclusively on the TFI Smartphone app until Saturday 19th November when the app and voting will close and the 2022 Winner will be decided. 

Here's a sneak peek of what the teams got up to

Just by voting you are in the draw to win some epic prizes

$1,000 BCF Gift Card, Double passes to gold class vip premiere and more! Plus helping raise crucial funds for our charity partners

Meet the teams competing for your vote!

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The Reel Destinations Team are pushing the boundaries in how fishing TV shows should be seen with the highest level of production and TFI will be no exception.

The Reel Destinations team has been built around their knowledge of endless hours fishing and surfing the Great Barrier Reef, but just as importantly the team has been built around their incredible postproduction skill. From behind the camera to the edit room what these guys capture will be breathtaking!

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The Mad Hueys

The Mad Hueys is about getting up in the morning and looking out the window and saying I’m the maddest Huey in this joint. No barney, no wave, no fish, no boat, no rod, no person, no party can stop us cause we run with the deepest pack in the business. And just incase you forgot what it was, it’s The Mad Fkn Hueys.

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Founded in 2014 initially as an online fishing mag without any of the tackle industry bullsh*t, CAST quickly evolved into a quiet little powerhouse operating heavily across fishing media production, tackle production and merchandise sales. CAST is now a truly global brand operating out of both Australia and the USA, with online stores and brick and mortar tackle store distribution arrangements in both countries offering high quality, purposefully manufactured tackle and performance apparel designed for use across a range of fisheries globally.

CAST is a brand built on a true love and passion for sports fishing and adventure above everything else, we put the fishing itself and pushing positivity across our social platforms above everything else. We make no apologies about that and it’s never going to change, WE LIVE BY THE TIDES, always have, always will.

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Team Coastal Chaos are mix mash of skilled anglers and self taught adventure content creators pushing the boundaries of both their abilities, and their little boats to search out and explore what some would call “once in a lifetime” experiences. Our aim is to capture everything our wild but beautiful coastline has to offer from the good, the bad, and the downright CRAZY!

Sharing knowledge and learnings along the way to spark that fire inside and inspire the greater audience to respect, cherish and preserve this amazing place we are so lucky to call home.

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The Explore Life

The Explore Life! A team of 3 4wders who will go to the most remote places Australia has to offer in search of an epic adventure and a good time! Terrible fishermen who are flat out catching a cold!

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Reef Addicts

Reef Addicts – Larissa, Josh and our adventure dog Tyro! Based in Cairns, Australia, we are passionate about sustainable living, and the environment documenting our ocean adventures.

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Just an average guy that loves the ocean and outdoors trying to keep it real… Catching a fish, cooking a feast and enjoying it with family & friends is what it’s about… While remembering & respecting where we all fit in nature… and if we’re lucky, perhaps a few good videos along the way.

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Solo creator on Youtube for 10 years. With 570 plus videos. Ex fishing guide and fly fishing instructor. Passionate about nature and the environment. Respecting the traditional owners of the land.

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Brooks and Scholz purely topwater

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Strick & Az, sharing our adventures to help motivate and inspire you to get b2b