We get it! Sometimes technology is not our friend and we have some issues. Most things can be fixed and our team are here to help you if you get stuck! Have a read of the troubleshooting points below.

how to login

You Must download our TFI smartphone app and enter your login details that have been provided via an email. This is the only way to view our content. If you wish to view on tv or computer you can cast from your device. we recommend using chrome cast or apple tv. 

Videos won't load or taking a long time to load

Issues with video loading is more often than not an internet issue. All of our films are of the highest quality for user enjoyment and do not reduce quality as other streaming apps do. To troubleshoot please;

  • Check you are using WiFi or have a strong internet connection. 
  • Make sure you phone/tablet software is up to date. 
  • Exit out of the app completely and re enter
  • Uninstall the app and reinstall

Account related issues. Haven't received an email ect.

Account related issues are often related to an email address with an incorrect letter entered on the payment portal. This is a super easy fix please email our team from the email you registered with and provide them with your full name and approx time of purchase. They will be able to address any account related issue quickly for you. The best email to reach out to is

Not playing in full screen on tv or laptop

Please ensure you are using a casting device/service not screen mirroring eg MiraCast. Screen mirroring will only allow low resolution and not a full-screen experience due to the film’s copyrighted content. We recommend using Apple TV or Chrome Cast. 

App not installing on tablet or phone

  • Please check your Wifi of mobile data connection and verify that it is working properly. It may be down and stopping you from updating/installing the app. 
  • Check you have enough storage space on your device to download

how to vote

  • While on the app you will see the blue button in the middle of your screen . Please select 10-1 10 being your favourite.

Voting closes 6pm brisbane, australia time saturday 19th November 2019

Films will be available on the TFI app until Midnight Monday 21st November 2022 

If you haven’t received an email or need help with something else?
Please email